Onestop Flagshop Privacy Policy

We take our customer’s privacy very seriously.

We understand you may feel apprehensive about leaving any personal information on a website you are are not familiar with. May we reassure you that all customer details are held in the strictest confidence. At no time will they be given, sold or communicated to any third party. We only request the minimium information required to post the bought items to you. Before you enter any card details you are transferred to the Paypal website so they are never seen by us, being processed solely by Paypal. Further reassaurance can be found at Paypal’s Buyer’s and Fraud Protection page.

You will note that our website address begins with the now familiar green padlock followed by https – (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). This verifies the transfer of information between our site and any other computer is scrambled after using a unique code agreed between them, so keeping your information safe from potential hackers.

Should you require further technical information or have any other queries you can ring us at 07434 983 628, send us a message via our contact form or email us.